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Welcome to the Opium Den

Where Elegance and Refinement meet Popular Culture

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18th century, 19th century, a rebours, absinthe, adam ant, aestheticism, against nature, algernon moncrieff, alichino, androgyny, anti faltzanut, art, art nuveau, aubrey beardsley, baron munchausen, baroque, baudelaire, bazil rakish, beauty, black adder, blasphamy, bodice reaper, bohemian, breeches, cafe royal, candle light, casanova, chris hunt, classical music, cloaks, cole porter, coleridge, corsets, count cain, cravats, cyber fop, dandysm, dangerous liasons, debauchary, decadence, dorian red gloria, duels, duran duran, elegance, ernest dowson, excess, flowers of evil, foppery, frills, frivolity, from eroica with love, fumi yoshinaga, gadzooks, gankutsuou, georgette heyer, gilbert and sullivan, gilderoy lockheart, gothic and lolita, gothic literature, gracefulness, henry fielding, highwaymen, homoerotica, howl's moving castle, huysmans, jeeves and wooster, kaze_to_ki_no_uta, keats, kitch, lace, literature, lord byron, lord solomon fountain, ludwig ii, marquis de sade, mata hari, mirrors, moka azumi, mozart, narcissism, narcissus black, new romantics, obscure, occult, opera, opium den, orchid, ornaments, oscar wilde, over the top, paganini, paris, paul verlaine, period costumes, philosophy, poetry, pre raphaelites, reduced shakespeare company, refinement, regency romances, rimbaud, ritz, rococo, romanticism, rose of versailles, rossetti, savoy, seduction, shakespeare, shelley, silk, silver topped canes, style, swinburne, tails, tartini, tea party, tennison, the brontes, the scarlet pimpernel, theatre, thomas canty, top hats, uniqueness, utena, vampires, vanity, velvet, venice, verdi, victoriana, visual kei, wine, wit, yellow book