UFD Results are in

The event on Saturday went quite well, everyone enjoyed themselves without exception.

There was a surprise contest to win a trifling token on the day. In the future there will probably be more substantial prizes, this year it was a rosette in the form of an ostrich feather with an appropriate lace-punched card tied on with ribbon (no photos yet, sorry).

I've tallied up the results, sifted out the best quotable reasons for the votes and updated them here: http://www.stoneorchid.co.uk/ufd/results.htm

You can read all about the site here: http://www.stoneorchid.co.uk/ufd/

Fop in Progress

I think I told you all about the Unofficial Fop Day I'm running this Saturday (invite only, aren't I cliquey XD)

Just so you all know what I'll be wearing, here's my almost finished outfit on a too-small mannequin: http://www.stoneorchid.co.uk/ufd/gallery.htm

I have mostly just the hand sewing/finishing to do and about a million buttons (well, 26) and associated button holes. Should be able to do that tomorrow.

There will, of course, be photos of myself wearing the outfit when completed.

Foppish Hippogryph

I've been playing about with character concepts and finally settled on a peculiar variation of the Hippogryph, taking the elements of a black Fresian horse, a ginger tom cat and a European Magpie. This is just the initial sketch but is based on an outfit I'm putting together for the Unofficial Fop Day I shall be running this Saturday (25th August).

I'm in love with the boots, more horses should have boots like those ^-^ To see the image on my site gallery, please go here: http://www.stoneorchid.co.uk/artonline/images/sketchbook/sk16.htm

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As part of the regular Sunday Dinner circle, it was our turn to host tonight and so we decided, since the weather has been so wonderful, that we'd have it in the garden with the food barbecued. Thankfully, what didn't happen was all the men huddled around the barbecue prodding the meat and getting covered in smoke.

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As some of you might know, I've been cultivating an "evil goatee", which works well with my natural facial sprouting and the shape of my face. It also serves to hide my receding chin and looks rather spiffing when wearing a cravat.

However, due to some rather over-zealous trimming on my part, it hasn't been growing as it should. The beauty of the internet is the ability to provide information for almost anything, including beard forums (yes, I chortled too). Still finding it tricky to discover information on historical beard care, but there you go. Ideally, I'm after something Elizabethan or Victorian in nature, but refined somewhat since I'm not partial to bushy facial hair.

Armed with this new information, it does mean that my beard is set to get a little unruly, as is my moustache, while I grow it out a bit. Hopefully it will be trimmable in time for the Unofficial Fop Day and will look suitably resplendant but the quandary is thus: can I put up with messy facial hair and be seen in public?

P.S. I'm quite sure beards are a foppish thing, even if they aren't in vogue currently. I'm rather proud of the sproutings I've managed to accumulate.

P.P.S. I have now spent 6 hours and 20 minutes on the Magpie painting, as you can see here:

Magpie - sketchwork

Magpies are quite foppish, they really are... as are masquerades.

Time taken: 1 hour 35 minutes
Canvas size: 11.75" x 16.5" (420 mm x 297mm)
Materials used: 2H pencil and Bristol Board.


I discovered my direction with the previous sketch. To relax, I'm picking at this piece since I can't devote the time and concentration required to commissioned pieces and it's been a long while since I drew something purely for myself.

I found and am using a photograph from Deviant Art: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36712385/ as reference for this picture.

It is intended to be finished in acrylic paint.

Chin chin.

Hello my loves :D

I just realised that I haven't joined with this account, which is a crying shame - for those of you that almost certainly don't recognise me, my old account was lordnixon. I should probably delete that soon.

I think the Fop Day idea is a lovely idea, as the ones we had a few years back were jolly good fun. However, I will pull the selfish hedonist card and see if I can coax you all to London. It's central, it's beautiful in parts, and I know at least two members who are only an hours ride from the City.

Hell, if I play my cards right this year, I might even move there briefly. I'm learning to turn this 'struggling writer' lark into a job...


I think we should post some Fop About Town pictures. The rules for these being You Must Fop Outside. I like seeing sociable city going fops.

And gardens are kind of cheating. Unless you're very very VERY shy or have a good excuse. Good natured trolling should probably be the punishment for this :D

Unfortunately my life is chaos at the moment, and the only example I have is a beautiful photo from last year. This is NOT a garden, it is my ex-university grounds, and let me assure you there were several hundred people about :)

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And then he asked...

This discussion happened on LJ following on from a post I made about the Unofficial Fop Day.

Him: What's a fop?

Me: it's a bit like a dandy. **

Him: Let's cross the cultural slang barriers and pretend I'm an American :D
What's a dandy?

Me: The problem with describing what a fop and a dandy is occurs when one attempts to create a clear impression of what is, essentially, an individualistic image.

I will, however, make an attempt.

A dandy is someone who dresses a little outrageously, perhaps to the level of pantomime costume, but whose personality is equally substantial, or eccentric enough to match it.

A fop is someone who, regardless of background, gender and financial status, appreciates the finer things in life and often dresses formally. Now this is usually represented by frilly shirts, large theatrical dresses and events such as high afternoon tea in a public park. Fops stand on etiquette and principle, on decadence and vanity and take their inspiration from the more beautiful eras of fashion and history.

A fop and a dandy can be a vapid individual or it can be an intellectual individual but most often they are a complex individual.

I hope that clarifies what they are more than it confuses you.

** which, to be fair, didn't help him at all)

I'm not entirely sure if I helped or hindered with my answer. It's rather like trying to describe to somebody what exactly Beef tastes like.