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18th Century Eyegasms


What goth fashion buff, dandy or fop....hell, fashion buff from any walk of life doesn't drool and die just a little seeing items like this?!  The hand beading and embroidery alone must take thousands and thousands of hours to accomplish!  True master craftsmanship at work in the modern day!

All in German (originator of the very first "Goths"...ha ha) but it's easy enough to navigate, see the incredible detail and learn about their inspirations!

Makes me want to curl up and watch all my period costume dramas over and over again just to really do me in completely.  What a marvelous death indeed!  Either that or rob Fort Knox just to afford these garments....or die trying.

I'm so envious! 

It also makes me contemplate gothic attire.  While traditionally pulling from cyber, Victorian or even early 20th century culture and giving it a darker edge (let's face it....there is a large majority of black, purple or burgundy pieces in your wardrobe and mine), I tend to think that vibrant color too can only add to the antique, romantic quality of the goth asthetic!

For me, I've never been one to place strict guidlines on what is goth and what is not, so I figure any time period is fair game and welcome it into my ever expanding passion for alternative fashion!

I posted this link simply to share and hope that you all might enjoy it too!

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